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 GM app. from shine check this out

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PostSubject: GM app. from shine check this out   Fri Aug 29, 2008 12:33 am

hi my name is angela and i have my own PS but it closed down because of the hackers
i am 15yrs old pretty much mature
i have 1yr. admin. experience [GM]
and i want to become GM to help ppl and follow the rules and
invite as much as ppl i could
i will vote daily and i will do as u say

i will be on about 3~ 5hrs a day
please i want to support u ,.,. ty

my email is
ty and i will also make ppl enjoy our maplesodier when they are playing ty

please make a GM room for me chekc this out ..

all admin. and GMs
from: shine
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GM app. from shine check this out
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