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 DontBanMe's App For GM xD

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DontBanMe's App For GM xD Empty
PostSubject: DontBanMe's App For GM xD   DontBanMe's App For GM xD Icon_minitimeSun Aug 31, 2008 7:01 pm

Hello, My name is Jennifer Nguyen. Ive been MapleSoldiers about 6 days now, and played GMS for 2 years at school I dont know why my friends think im a Maple Expert (Which is ok i suppose xD) because when they get stuck on something I help them out ive been doing for this since Beta was in GMS.

I would like to apply for for GM because i love to help people and i would think everyone in MapleSoldiers would like me to be a GM.
Im active,kind,friendly and patient. If you want to ask me questions or reguards about me my char is DontBanMe, My Brother
is Mario and plays this too. Very Happy

PS: ALL GM's ARE THE BEST Very Happy (So is Lollipop)

Written By: Jennifer Nguyen <3 ~~
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DontBanMe's App For GM xD
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