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 DontBanMe's App For GM xD (Other one messed up)

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DontBanMe's App For GM xD (Other one messed up) Empty
PostSubject: DontBanMe's App For GM xD (Other one messed up)   DontBanMe's App For GM xD (Other one messed up) Icon_minitimeSun Aug 31, 2008 7:21 pm

Hello my name is Jennifer Nguyen.

Ive Been Playing GMS for 2 years and MapleSoldiers for 6 days.

Im Applying for GM because i love to help people, im kind,patient and never sad Very Happy (Well Most of the time lol)

My IGN is DontBanMe

My age is 15

Im active and i go on at |6:00 am ~ 8:30 Before school| |4:30 ~ 8:00 after school| |on fridays 7:30 ~ 9:00| |Sat and Sun 6:40 ~ 9:00| and i live in Australia.

I am Fluent to English even though im Asian i have proper grammar as well.

I can speak English Chinese and Vietnamese ( i can speak but not read chinese and vietnamese)

I am qualified for GM because ive played many Private Servers and ive seen GM's work and they told me what do to and ive been really friendly to them and they did the same think back.

I started GMS when i was 13 and Stopped and 15 because my cousin told me on msn that he found a private server called DagonMs which sucked so i found many other server until lollipop told me about MapleSoldiers in UglyStory so this is the best server yet even though it doesnt have the highest rates but its still COOL Very Happy

To be honest i dont have an GM experience but i work with GM's in UglyStory.
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DontBanMe's App For GM xD (Other one messed up)
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