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 SleepWalkers GM App :D

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PostSubject: SleepWalkers GM App :D   SleepWalkers GM App :D Icon_minitimeSun Aug 31, 2008 10:15 pm

1. My Name - Ryu

2. How Long Have I Been Playing - About 3 and a Half Weeks (For MapleSoldiers)

3. What am i applying for? - I'm Applying for GM and Coder

4. My IGN - SleepWalker

5. How old are you? - 15

6. When are you most online? Please include time zone. - On Weekends Almost All Day and On Weekdays 3 P.M - 5 P.M
and 7:45 P.M - 10 P.M, Time Zone - Pacific Standard Time (PST)

7. Were do you live - CA, San Lorenzo

8. Are you fluent in English and have proper grammar? - Yes I am I use capitals in the beggining of my sentences
and I don't make many grammer mistakes. I do use typos at times though

9. How many languages can you speak? - 3, Viet, English (If that counts), and partially Spanish

10. What makes you think that your qualified? - Well I ban Hackers, I can help settle arguements
I can make real fun events because I have GREAT ideas! I'll make sure my events don't lag our server
I can make acceptions for only Certain Requests and i'll Jail people who don't follow our rules for about
5 - 45mins depending on the offence.

11. Talk about yourself - Well I'm reall friendly most of the time, I'm usually in a good mood if i wasn't
I probally wouldn't be on, I love to play sports such as Football and Soccer.

12a. Do you have any gm exp? - Of Course I'm EXPED as a gm! I've been a coder in about 4 other servers
(4 if you include me in this server)

12b. How long and were (leave blank if 12a is no) - Each Server for about 3 - 8 months.
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SleepWalkers GM App :D
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