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 Halfmoon's GM app (New one)

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Halfmoon's GM app (New one) Empty
PostSubject: Halfmoon's GM app (New one)   Halfmoon's GM app (New one) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2008 9:28 pm

Name:Winson Yuen

InGame Name: Halfmoon

Experience: Hmmm.. ill take that as a "yes".

How long have you played: 1 day but i can be on for everydayO.o

How can you help: I like Anti-Hack Servers and il do anything to keep it like that

What would you do if you see a hacker: Ban them...

What would you do if you saw an Abuser: I'll give dem 2 chances and if the abuser don't change.. i'll just ban him/her!

If someone finds you abusing your power what would you do? Hmm.. i dont really know:O

How Many servers have you played? Total of... 12>.> but other one is bad, i found out this. MapleSoldier is my best! seriously..

Do you get mad easily? I get really mad when someone curse alot to me or talk bad stuff behind my BACK!.. but certainly "NO"xd

How long do u play daily? 10Hours and more

If someone was trying to make you abuse your power what would you do? I'll give them 2 chances:O

When were you born? Real Birth Date: Apirl 1st, 1994

Why do you want to be a GM? I want to help to ban all stupid hackers.. and have fun time

Hope you choose me!!XD
Thank you;;sss
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Halfmoon's GM app (New one)
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