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 Billy's GM application

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Billy's GM application Empty
PostSubject: Billy's GM application   Billy's GM application Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2008 9:36 am

1. My Name - Billy

2. How Long Have I Been Playing - 4 Years

3. What am i applying for? - Gm applications

4. My IGN - Billy

5. How old are you? - 12

6. When are you most online? Please include time zone. - Everyday U.S.A Time Zone

7. Were do you live - United States ,New Jersey

8. Are you fluent in English and have proper grammar? - Yes

9. How many languages can you speak? - I speak english and Filipino language (tagalog)

10. What makes you think that your qualified? - I am a good gm in other servers and i know codes and GM commands

11. Talk about yourself - I know codes and comands like !ban !summon !kill !level and so much more

12a. Do you have any gm exp? - I've been a gm twice and been playing the same P.Servers and everyone likes me in both the servers

12b. How long and were (leave blank if 12a is no)
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Billy's GM application
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