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 [2]Avie's Gm Application.(8-11-08)

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PostSubject: [2]Avie's Gm Application.(8-11-08)   Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:17 am

I want to apply for a GM position.
Call me Avie.
I'm pretty sure I'm a nice guy, and all that other jazz.
I'm mature, and can control myself.
Yes..I'm an ex-hacker, but thanks to [GM]Flame, that is no longer.(thanks bud!)
I know I cheated, but we all diserve a second chance.
Any questions/concerns email me at
Or messge me on my MySpace "".(preferably this one since i check it more often)
OR instant message me:
Aim= RiceHat91 or AvieNinja
Yahoo= AvieNinja

Thank you so much and please replay back, ASAP.
Happly Mapling!
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[2]Avie's Gm Application.(8-11-08)
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