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 Angelic's Application ;/

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Angelic's Application ;/ Empty
PostSubject: Angelic's Application ;/   Angelic's Application ;/ Icon_minitimeSun Aug 31, 2008 7:00 pm

Name:Casandra (Cassie for Short)

InGame Name: Angelic

Experience: Err...None?

How long have you played: 1 day? o.o

How can you help: I like Anti-Hack Servers and il do anything to keep it like that

What would you do if you see a hacker: Id ban them..easy and practical

What would you do if you saw an Abuser: Il give them 1-2 warnings and if they continue..OP Ban. ^__^

If someone finds you abusing your power what would you do? It probably wouldnt be true..but if it accept any concequence you have in mind D:

How Many servers have you played? i played your server ^_^

Do you get mad easily? I dont get mad at all...I take most stuff (Like bad words in your face) like a joke :/

How long do u play daily? 8Hours+

If someone was trying to make you abuse your power what would you do? I would warn them not to ask GM's to break rules and if they continue breaking i said...OP Bann. ^__^

When were you born? Real Birth Date: Febuary 2nd 1991

Why do you want to be a GM? So that "Maple Soldier Players" Would have a safe and fun time ^__^
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Angelic's Application ;/
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